Helping an iconic garden grow

Beth Chatto’s Plants & Gardens

Helping a much loved brand to grow their business, whilst sticking to their roots.

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Set in 7.5 acres, the Beth Chatto Gardens are an ecological planting haven, designed and cultivated by the multi-award winning gardener, Beth Chatto OBE VMH, herself. 

To enable visitors to create their own oasis at home, the company grows and sells over 2,000 varieties of plants from it’s nursery, but most of its customers were sadly unaware of this. In order to increase awareness and subsequently sales, the company decided it needed to update it’s branding to incorporate the plant side of the business. 

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Drawing on the company’s heritage and keeping it’s target audience in mind, we firstly updated their existing logo to give it a more modern, yet sophisticated look. We then developed an extensive set of guidelines to give them a consistent look and feel and helped them to replicate this across their promotional material, from brochures to bags and even seed packaging!


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