Inspiring the future champions

Pony Racing Authority

Devising a modern and inclusive brand, which helps to shape the future of horse racing showcasing the jockeys of tomorrow.

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Inspiring the next generation of champions

Horse racing has traditionally been reserved for the upper classes. But, the Pony Racing Authority (PRA) sought to change this with the hope of attracting families and more importantly, jockeys from different backgrounds to the sport.

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To make the PRA more accessible, it’s very traditional branding would need to be updated and appeal to a much wider audience. The website would also need to have stringent safety rules and restrictions to protect its young members, and the ability to register horses and riders, list upcoming races and results and upload documentation and footage.

With their brightly coloured, patterned silks the jockeys themselves were the perfect blend of modern and traditional design, and therefore our inspiration behind the new brand. Using modern lines and patterns and a bold, yet traditional colour palette, we created a new identity for the PRA with mass appeal.

We also designed a bespoke website, which not only ticked all their boxes, but provided its members with a modern and user friendly site, which is much loved and admired throughout the racing community.


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